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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method that helps your website reach higher positions on search engine results pages.

We have exceptional SEO services experience, working with well-known brands across the globe. We are interested in everything that happens online, so our clientele includes small businesses, online startups, celebrities, and many large businesses.

We believe that each customer is unique. So we develop an exclusive strategy for our clients, from the multiple online marketing disciplines of SEO.

Consumer behavior surveys show that 9 out of 10 Internet users search for a product or service of interest using search engines. The same thing appeals to the B2B sector, where businesses are looking for information about potential or existing business partners. How you look online is essential! Your website impacts the first impression of your company.

SEO Services for Business Leaders

Search engines, in the long run, are a relatively simple, economical, and speedy way to reach potential customers or partners in foreign markets. We have highly successful examples of working with exporters. For instance, one of our clients, Verslo Zinios, got recognized as the exporter of the year, only a year after beginning SEO work with us.

If you export or plan to ship your products or services in foreign markets – Contact Us. We will offer a practical and comprehensive online marketing solution that meets your needs and capabilities. We work with search engines and other marketing channels, depending on the market in which you provide products or services.

We monitor and analyze all inbound traffic. We track sales, inquiries, calls, and are always results-oriented.


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Today, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are especially crucial for small and medium businesses to gain a competitive advantage over other players in the market. Google Search Engine is the largest Internet portal, reaching over 90% of all Lithuanian Internet users. While big companies are just discovering search engines, smaller ones have a strong position on the first pages of search engine results and thus reap the benefits.

Search Engines are beneficial for you as a channel for attracting customers. It doesn’t matter if you have a nationwide chain of stores or small accommodation businesses. If you are not visible in Search Engines, your potential customers are moving to competitors. We have implemented many projects in the past 5 years; most of them exceeded all expectations and set goals.


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Traffic from organic search is one of the most effective sales channels in E-Commerce. Over ten years, we have contributed to the success of many Lithuanian E-Commerce market leaders and are ready to share our experience and skills with you

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For clients who do not need standard SEO plans, we offer one-time audit and analysis services. During the audit, we identify the advantages and disadvantages of the project and prepare detailed recommendations for project improvement. SEO analysis and auditing are especially useful if:

  • You’re creating a new website (useful to build a solid foundation for future positions);
  • You’re updating an existing website (necessary to maintain current positions and traffic from organic search);
  • The site had significant positions but lost them (necessary to identify the reasons for this and recover lost positions and traffic);
  • The site has quality content and good external SEO performance but is not properly indexed by search engines.

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Before compiling an SEO strategy, it is necessary to do a detailed keyword and market research. Do you know how your potential customers are looking for your products or services in search engines? What search queries do they use, and what is the exact number of these queries in the markets of the countries relevant to you? How does the number of queries change depending on the season? We can answer these questions very accurately with keyword and market research.

Sometimes we receive a request from our clients to optimize their website according to their pre-defined keywords, but after analysis, it turns out that these keywords are used only by the Client in the search engine. So while less than ten people searched the Client’s specified keyword, their products were actually in demand as per the high ranking keywords.

Another example is a keyword with multiple meanings, e.g., keyword ‘lenses’ (not sure if you’re looking for contact lenses or soup lenses?).

The third example could be wholesale. The Client is engaged in wholesale (e.g., men’s shirts) and wants to take the first positions with the keyword ‘men’s shirts’. Most people enter such a keyword into the search box to buy men’s shirts for personal use rather than bulk. Google’s search engine keeps track of how much time a visitor has spent on a single site, and an extremely high bounce rate makes it impossible to stay ‘high’ on result pages.

Keywords and market research is part of our SEO strategies, but sometimes it is also suitable as a stand-alone service when you need to find out the need for a product/service in one market or another.

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SEO Services FAQ

The Google search engine algorithm has over 200 different SEO factors that cover everything you do online when viewed through search engines’ prism. The principal SEO factors are:

  1. URL and website structure (search engine friendly URLs, website structure, domain history);
  2. On-page SEO factors (content quality and relevance to the search query, metadata);
  3. External Off-page factors (external links to your website and individual brand signals in search engines);
  4. Social SEO factors (Google +1, Facebook share/like, Twitter tweet count, as well as deeper signals such as the authority and quality of the personal profiles of your Facebook/Google +/Twitter account followers);

These are only a few of the most prevalent factors that are well understood by all SEO service enthusiasts and professionals. Other SEO factors that go beyond the standard framework of SEO services are usability parameters, time spent on the user’s website, involvement in the content, the content layout on different device resolutions, user search and interest history, filter usage, geo-location, among others. Every year, MOZ.COM surveys more than 100 search engine optimization professionals from around the world and provides data on the impact of SEO factors on search results – data can be found here.

Perhaps the most typical question from clients who have not encountered Search Engine Optimization before and have not purchased SEO services is: how much does SEO cost? Unfortunately, there is no answer without going into the specifics of the Client’s online activities, competitive environment, goals, and expectations. As mentioned above, – SEO is what you do online when viewed through the prism of search engines. There are hundreds of factors, and the desire to fulfill them all doesn’t always match the needs and potentialities. It’s worth noting that there is no need to work with all factors for better results. Sometimes it doesn’t demand too much to move from the fifth page of results to the first. Such a change can determine the significant growth of business profits.


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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a long-term process that involves working, both internally with the website and (depending on the need) with external communication. The recommended period of SEO services depends on your business goals, the competitive environment, the markets you are targeting, age, history, and other parameters of the website (domain). The first changes to search engine results pages (SERP) with low competition can be seen a few weeks after work begins. If the competition is exceptionally high, the first results are usually seen in a few months’ time.

Google Analytics Curve
Annual organic traffic growth in an international E-Commerce project, with SEO working throughout the life of the website

Our recommended initial period of SEO services is 6-12 months; after that, it all depends on the results, changes in search engines, and the competitive environment. We recommend working with organic search traffic consistently. Search engine algorithms change frequently. Competition grows continuously, and there are often hundreds of keywords relevant to every customer, so working with the organic traffic curve is just as consistent as with any other site visitor channel. Furthermore, as in many cases, it is organic traffic from search engines, which is the most effective channel for attracting new customers.


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When deciding whether it is worth investing in SEO services, it is necessary to know a few things:

  • SEO is essential for any web project with a planned life cycle of more than 1.5 years. Short-term websites dedicated to a single event, promotion, contest, or temporarily available product (e.g., sale of apartments in a newly built apartment building) are unnecessary. 1.5 years is the average period during which investments in SEO services pay off.
  • It is essential to know that even if your product or service is not sold online, consumers will still be looking for information online. Probably many have heard of the ROPO method (Research Online – Purchase Offline). A useful tool here is the Google CONSUMER BAROMETER survey, which provides data on Lithuanian consumer habits since 2013. By clicking on the indicated link and clicking on the 2013 link at the bottom left, and selecting the LT button, you will see data from Lithuania. The consumer barometer’s primary purpose is to show the role of search engines in the purchasing process. So, even if you do not sell your product online, most of your potential customers will read about it online, compare quality parameters, search for reviews, comparisons, and other information.

tyrimas prieš perkant Lietuvoje

  • The scope and form of online searches is essential. Google Keyword Planner is a tool that allows you to see how many queries there are in the Google search engine related to your product or service, in your current market. From the customers’ questions, we conclude that it is not always right to think about how potential customers find them using search engines. The size of search volumes and the competition in paid search results allow you to set the most targeted budget for SEO services.
  • With a high search volume, successful SEO services can make a substantial contribution to business success. For example, in the case of our customer, who sells planking for terraces in Western Europe, more than a million people search for terrace boards and terrace-related components in one country (during the season). It’s easy to see what it means to be visible to the millions of people looking for your particular product or service. Meanwhile, “buying” that million reach with other tools would be high-priced.

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Are you Looking for SEO Services? Here's what you must know.

We are a company with the largest team of SEO professionals in the Baltic countries. With each passing day, we are helping clients who worked with an incompetent contractor who ruined their organic search traffic, positions, and sales for a long time. Here are some essential points to recommend before buying SEO services.
We ensure search positions
None else but Google can guarantee specific ranking in Google's search engine. If a company offering SEO services guarantees a specific rank - steer clear. Almost every day, we are overwhelmed with inquiries when, after such "guarantees" the website receives an algorithmic/manual penalty and is pushed out of the Search Engine Results Page, at the cost of little over a hundred euros to get quality SEO services.
You are offered a "Support Fee"
SEO strategies and tactics must be complete, precise, and predefined. If you are asked to pay for "SEO supervision/support" or invest in the name of better growth, it is highly recommended to understand the scope of the services that will be provided. Along with this, know how the service provider plans to sustain the progress. More often than not, "maintenance fee" is an absolute term used to charge for any service or activity. Before working with external SEO, find out the authenticity and duration of the external links that are built and understand the cost expectations for the entire period.
You get an offer of undefined “external” SEO
Ask the contractors to provide accurate and detailed lists of the websites where links will be hosted. Pay attention to the quality parameters of the sites. If you have any doubts about the quality of the sites, the Google algorithm is also likely to question them. In the short run, such links can be beneficial. Still, in the long term, they are highly damaging to search results. Sooner or later, you will get algorithmic penalties, positions will fall, and getting up will be harder.